Rhubarb and ginger cocktail

I hadn’t actually heard of this gin before but it was recommended to me recently and I am already a massive fan! On its own stick it in the freezer until it is nice and chilled and it would be an ideal liqueur for a cheeky after dinner treat. On first taste you can sense the sweetness from the rhubarb with an hint of zestiness. It has the sweetness coming through and ends with that tartness to make you wake up and alert your senses. The taste I enjoy but what I also love is the pale pink of the gin; anything pink is good in my books!

I have used it more as a summer cocktail but I could see how it would blend amazingly for a lovely Christmas treat! I was unsure how to make this drink and ended up going quite ‘plain and simple’ for the cocktail. But hey, simple is sometimes the perfect solution! The gin tastes so good that I wanted to keep those flavours of the rhubarb and ginger to stand out. They do say less is more!

Check out that beautiful pink shade!

Check out that beautiful pink shade!

Ingredients :

50 mls, approx. Rhubarb & Ginger Edinburgh gin

2 slices of lemon

Lemon sparkling water, I used San Pellegrino Limonata

To assemble : This was a stir in the glass kind of job. A relaxed approach, perfect for those nights you just want to have a fabulous drink and forget the troubles of the day! Add ice to the glass, crushed or cubed. Pour in the gin, make sure and be generous, and squeeze 1 bit of the lemon in and stir to mix together, top up with the lemonade/sparkling lemon water. You really don’t need too much mixer in this and you can judge how much you want to add. Add the other bit of lemon on the side of the glass, just it a good stir, add a straw and drink up!

It is more of a liqueur at 20% than gin. I am tempted to add it to another spirit to make a stronger cocktail. What would you want to try a rhubarb and ginger liqueur with? 🙂

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  1. Falasha

    Looks delicious. I will have to try this…
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