Harry Potter fans assemble!

I think it is fitting that my first post on my blog should be on my favourite cake that I have made so far. It is my favourite cake mainly because I am a complete Harry Potter geek. I mean despite having no acting skills and being ridiculously shy, playing the role of Hermione would have been a dream come true when I was 13 just to live the Hogwarts and Harry Potter experience, can you imagine?! For now though I will settle for visiting Harry Potter world in Florida again, BEST PLACE EVER!

Maurauder's Map Harry Potter CakeSpell Book 3d History of Hogwarts Cake

This cake was actually made last summer for a colleague leaving my work who was also a massive Harry Potter fan. When I was asked to make this I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t attempted to make one before; complete madness!

If you are thinking of doing a Harry Potter themed cake what I loved about this was how personalised you could make it. I personalised this with the ‘Letter to Hogwarts’ but from there you could always decorate using their favourite house colours or even make their favourite magical sweets. Seriously, I had SO MANY ideas for how to incorporate EVERYTHING Harry Potter into this cake…but sadly I do not have a cake tin big enough 😉

I solomnly swear harry potter cake

For this cake I used Marshmallow Fondant for decorating the actual cake as well all of the decorations. I ended up starting making the hat and the wand a couple days before the cake was due. I would recommend this doing this for decorations just to make sure that the fondant has time to dry.

To do the marauders map effect I started by dusting the fondant with some gold dust. I was quite messy with mine because I wanted the old effect as opposed to being too neat and precise. After, I used edible food colouring which was mixed with a little vodka and painted on the shoe prints and the words. I prefer to use (cheap) vodka rather than water as vodka will dry out the colouring whereas no matter how long I leave colouring mixed with water the fondant stays a little sticky. I think that any clear alcohol would do the job and I have heard of people using lemon juice as well though I haven’t tried doing this. Just make sure that the colouring is fully dried; getting black teeth and fingers after eating cake with wet black food colouring is never a good look!

Letter Hogwarts Wand Sorting Hat fondantFondant Harry Potter 3d hat wand

Hopefully this has inspired any of you who are also Harry Potter geeks to try some baked Harry Potter goods!

If you have made some already please let me know down below as I would love to see what you created and get inspired to make some more!


Happy caking!

Ellen xoxo


  1. danielle

    this is so awesome, can’t go wrong with harry potter and cake!

    1. innes_6@hotmail.co.uk (Post author)

      I know right!! haha glad you approve 😀

  2. Brittany Pines

    Looks great!

    1. innes_6@hotmail.co.uk (Post author)

      thank you very much sunshine 🙂

  3. Falasha

    Congrats on your first post and that cake looks amazing!

    xx Falasha

    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin’

    1. innes_6@hotmail.co.uk (Post author)

      Thank you very much Falasha, hopefully a lot more to come hehe 🙂

  4. Dan

    This looks great, a good idea which is well executed!

    1. innes_6@hotmail.co.uk (Post author)

      aw thank you very much 🙂


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