Suitcase Travel Cake

This cake was also made for a colleague who was leaving to go and work abroad. I didn’t have much time to make the cake so I was looking for a fairly simple cake design that wouldn’t be too complicated or take too much time. A suitcase theme seemed appropriate with the flag of the UK and of North Korea where he would be travelling to.

suitcase detail fondant strapsfondant flag suitcase tag

I didn’t actually have my rectangle cake tin so I ended up just using 2 square tins for the length of the cake. For almost all of my cakes you will find that I tend to make Marshmallow Fondant for the icing and the decorations. I prefer this to standard fondant mainly because of the taste; not only do most of the people eating my cakes prefer this icing but I prefer it as well which is very important!

north korea uk fondant flag cake 3d suitcase

The details on the suitcase are all Marshmallow fondant as well and were modelled off of suitcase templates. The only addition that I would add is that I added edible gold dust to the gold details to give it a nicer effect. For the ‘suitcase’ effect I ran a Wilton straight wheel tool along the middle of the 3 sides of the cake. Alternatively the back of a knife could also work pressing into the fondant; make sure to not press too hard however incase of ripping the fondant.

I love to travel so if you have made any travelling themed cakes then I would love to have a look and get inspired! More than likely I will get inspired to look at travel boards on Pinterest 😉


  1. Nicola

    What a creative cake, love it!
    Can I ask what he’s going to be doing in North Korea?
    Nic x

    1. Ellen (Post author)

      Hey Nic, thank you 🙂 He was going over to work in construction in oil and gas 🙂 but I didn’t really have time to add in those details 😛

  2. Brittany Pines

    Looks great! And how nice of you to make something so personalized for him 😉

    1. Ellen (Post author)

      Aw thank you Brittany 🙂


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